When it is too hot or too cold they rest in burrows. COMPETITION – Increasing competition can affect the growth of the population and can outcome the individual of a population. Follow US. FOOD – Food availability helps the species to grow and reproduce. Increase in agriculture to grow food and fuel crops. b) Use of microorganisms for food production. Edexcel GCSE Biology Revision. At each level there is a loss of energy and only 10% is transferred to the next trophic level so the food chains are mostly restricted to 3-4 tropic levels. 256 Fans Like. All the answers and notes are written by me and if there is any similarity in the content then it is purely coincidental. Primary Consumers – They are herbivores which feeds on plants. Find more resources made by Save My Exams today! Including Revision Guides, Revision Cards, Workbooks and more. Agriculture Waste – Spray of insecticides, pesticides and weedicide contributes to land pollution. It is excellent food source and is sustainable grown in fermenter. © 2019 - Expert Guidance | Designed by ODigiMa, Want to Get A* In GCSE And A-Level Sciences. Topic 1: Key Concepts in Biology. It is the measure of number of difference species in an area. The '9-1' Edexcel specification for GCSE Combined Science, examined from summer 2018. 4.1 Photosynthesis 1 . Carbon Dioxide – Carbon dioxide is required for growth. e.g – pond ecosystem. This is the complete list of topics that will be assessed in final year 11 exams. It is the graphical representation of energy at each trophic level. It leads to the movement of species to a new place, adaptation or extinction, Small leaves; Leaves reduced to spines to decreases the surface area for water less. As the toxic products go along the food chain the concentration of the toxic chemicals increases. Sun is the principal source of energy driving the whole food chain. Evaporation – water is evaporated from the water bodies like sea, lakes etc and form water vapours. I have split the entire course into the following 18 … Square Sample Size – The sample to be take for observation. 1. Plant based product reduces the dependency on animal products. Recycling and using alternative sources of energy can reduce the dependency on fossil fuels causing reducing the carbon emissions preventing global warming, climate change and its effects. Mycoprotein are the proteins source from fungi. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Chemicals -Toxic Chemicals come from industries and agricultures sites. 1,243 Followers Follow. Mode – The value that has the greatest frequency. ... AQA OCR Edexcel. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Some of the biomass is lost as energy at each trophic level. GENETIC TERMS. London WC1R 4HQ. Igcse Biology Past Papers Math Equations. Producers: They produce their own food as they can photosynthesize and converts Sun’s energy to chemical energy. Respiration – Respiration produced water vapour and it is lost in the form of water vapours. Proteins in the dead and decay matter is converted into nitrates and returned to soil. Wind – Plants growing in high wind adapt different shapes. Edexcel GCSE Sciences (2016) | Pearson qualifications The '9-1' Edexcel specification for GCSE Combined Science, examined from summer 2018. When plant based products are used they have the highest biomass and maximum energy as they are at the initial level of food chain. They have fur or thick fat deposit to provide insulation. GCSE Combined Science - Edexcel - BBC Bitesize Edexcel Biology GCSE 9-1 past exam papers and marking schemes (1BI0), the past papers are free to download for you to use as practice for your exams. But this is not an alternative to the textbook. Topic 1: Key Concepts in Biology. These concise and easy to read notes cover all the content required for Edexcel A-Level Biology (B). d) Energy is lost as heat during respiration. Depletes ozones layer, cause dimming effect. a) Energy is required for movement, growth and repair, c) Energy is lost in maintaining constant body temperature. This section includes recent GCSE Biology past papers from AQA, Edexcel, OCR (Gateway and Twenty First Century), WJEC, CCEA and the CIE IGCSE. The Section 4 Ecology and The Environment IGCSE Biology Notes. Photosynthesis: It is the process of making food by using carbon dioxide, water, with the help of sunlight and chlorophyll by green plants. Photosynthesis required: Carbon dioxide(CO2), Water, Chlorophyll, Sunlight Word Equation for photosynthesis: Chemical equation for photosynthesis: 3 . Mean – It is the statistical value calculate by adding all the values divided by total number of values. Edexcel GCSE biology 1BI0 1F & 1BI0 1H biology 1 2020 exam paper onwards. FREE Edexcel IGCSE Biology (9-1) revision notes designed by teachers to help you pass your exams. Join Our Free Facebook Group for free tips and tricks to Get A*. Organ Systems and Disease. Conditions. They are a great revision tool for students to use alongside their studies. They are a great revision tool for students to use alongside their studies. It is required for medicine like medicinal plants. So if one species is affected it can affect the entire population. Summary-Notes---Topic-1-Edexcel-(B)-Biology-A-level, Summary-Notes---Topic-2-Edexcel-(B)-Biology-A-Level, Summary-Notes---Topic-3-Edexcel-(B)-Biology-A-Level. LINKS for my revision pages for the GCSE 9-1 science-biology courses, next exams May-June 202. These concise and easy to read notes cover all the content required for Edexcel A-Level Biology (B). The products carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by the process of decomposition. Change in distribution of plants and animals. a) Use of genetic engineering to increase the yield of the crops and making more disease resistant and high yield variety. Clearing of forests form making home and industries. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Smog is opaque or dark fog having condensed water vapours, dust, smoke and gases. Species are dependent on one another. Decay process forms methane which can be used as fuel. Biodiversity, Ecology and Ecosystems. One species is dependent on other. Polar bears form big dens and are strong swimmers and can swim through ice. Preventing deforestation and planting more trees can reduce the carbon emissions and can prevent global warming and climate change, Recycling and using alternative sources of energy. Students may find it helpful to have personal copies which they can highlight and use at home. Textbook(s) Used: Hodder GCSE History for Edexcel (9-1) series, one per topic. Disclaimer: I have tried by level best to provide the answers and video explanations to the best of my knowledge. It is increase in the concentration of a persistent chemical with the rise in trophic level. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Section 4: Ecology and the environment a) The organism in the environment b) Feeding relationships c) Cycles within ecosystems d) Human influences on the. They have small surface area to volume ratio to prevent heat loss. They also have adaptations in the cytoplasm so that they cannot gain or loose water. Less water limits the photosynthesis and affect the entire food chain, pH – The low pH makes the soil acidic and limits the growth of plants and affect the entire food chain, Temperature – Temperature also limits the rate of photosynthesis which affects the food chain, Oxygen – The oxygen is required for the growth of the plant. In intensive farming the animals are grown to limit energy loss and produce maximum biomass by. Range: It is the highest value take away the lowest value. They break the organic matter into simple components and return them to soil. Check out our website for more revision resources and other subjects and levels. Death of other species. Preserving the biodiversity outside their natural habitat like. Chromosome – These are the structure that holds our genetic information DNA – Double Helical Structure which contains genetic information Gene – It is the segment of DNA that code for protein Allele – the alternative factors located at the same locus on homologous chromosomes are called alleles. It’s basically everything you’ve ever seen in a Biology textbook reduced into smaller, fun quizzes. They have salt glands to expel excess salt. The fur or the coat change colours in summer and winters. You should cover the specification or the textbook thoroughly. This is the quick revision to help you cover the gist of everything. AQA GCSE Biology Revision Notes (new 9-1 spec), AQA GCSE Physics Revision Notes (new 9-1 Spec), Biology AQA A Level Revision Sheets (By Topic). Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0 Like 0 Share 0 Email 0. Decomposers – Feed on dead and decay matter. Quadrat Method – Random squares are placed at different point and the species within that squares are counted. We do not issue these. Breaks the dead and decaying plants and animals into simple components which are recycled in the atmosphere. Death of plants, decreasing oxygen in water. Threats to Biodiversity: All factors are interconnected. IGCSE Edexcel Biology (9-1) Topic 9: Homeostasis and excretion Includes: Topic sheet (with specification points covered and key words), brief lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, relevant worksheets, PPHs (Past Paper Homeworks) with corresponding markscheme and MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with answers for end-of-topic quiz.. Less water limits the photosynthesis and affect the entire food chain. Light – Less light limits the photosynthesis and affect the entire food chain Plant in low light have broader leaves to increase surface area for absorption. Human impact on the environment. Evolution And Genetics. Extensive root system to absorb maximum water and succulent stems to store water. Carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide combine with rainwater forming nitric acid and sulphuric acid and falls as acid rain. Graphical representation of the mass of the living organism at each level. Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis: 1) Light […]
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