VMware Cloud Foundation uses VMware vCenter Server for virtual machine (VM) management, monitoring, and provisioning. VMware Cloud on AWS refers to the VMware infrastructure stack or VMware cloud foundation. This hosted private cloud on AWS can be connected to your local network and systems. By sharing the common VMware Cloud Foundation-based cloud infrastructure across both on-premises data centers and the AWS Cloud, organizations can simplify and accelerate the migration of mission-critical production workloads to the AWS Cloud at scale without having to convert or re-architect workloads. VMware Cloud on AWS. Increase value of enterprise applications by leveraging AWS services for integrated application modernization like Amazon S3. Get Started. VMware customers can simplify hybrid cloud operations by leveraging the same VMware Cloud Foundation technology both on premise and in the AWS cloud. This three-day course teaches you skills for deploying and managing a VMware CloudTM on AWS infrastructure. VMware Cloud on AWS is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware. As you migrate and expand your deployments on VMware Cloud on AWS, your network connectivity provides the foundational infrastructure for all workloads in your SDDCs.When you then scale across multiple SDDCs — which also need to network with several data centers and tens or even hundreds of VPCs — scaling network connectivity becomes a critical challenge. Click here to view (available in French only), Do you have any questions? VMware Cloud on AWS provides you consistent and interoperable infrastructure and services between VMware-based datacenters and the AWS cloud, which minimizes the complexity and associated risks of managing diverse environments. ; Data center extension using cloud infrastructure for on-demand capacity expansion or workload localization to different global regions. It runs on top of the same concept of hyper-converged infrastructure which sits on dedicated bare-metal Azure servers that share some of the characteristics mentioned before for the AWS case: VMware announced at VMworld 2017 the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS, which leverages VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). Thus, both VMware Cloud on AWS and Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple have the same typical use cases, namely: Workload migration to cloud infrastructure. VMware Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications. With VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can leverage the massive scalability and global presence of the AWS Cloud to rapidly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively meet their data center capacity and regional footprint expansion needs. If you are interested in validating your product on VMware Cloud on AWS, please email vmcisv@vmware.com. What VMware has been able to achieve by doing this is to…. It can extend your existing environment, provide disaster recovery infrastructure, or act as a destination point if you plan to migrate all of your services to AWS. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, this service integrates vSphere, vSAN and NSX along with VMware vCenter management, and is optimized to run on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure. and view the recent interview by theCUBE