About Amy

The greatest place in the world is being in my studio, with the sun streaming through the windows, music blaring on my computer, and a palette of paints at my side. As I mix these vibrant colors, my heart rate starts to rise and sudden anxiety begins to bubble up inside me. I briefly look at the blank white canvas then slowly draw my paintbrush across the coarse fibers and watch as the oil begins to tell its' story. Every stroke is a piece of my imagination, a sample of the emotions inside me, for the entire world to see.

Painting is such a personal experience. Each joy and struggle in my life is translated into an adventure on the canvas. During the process I unleash my soul and let it write the story for me. My goal for the finish is for my audience to not just see my creation, but to feel it. I want my audience to be snatched into my world and spun around in the paint as if they were on the canvas themselves.

As a fine artist I have the luxury of painting on whatever surface I desire. Whether canvas, wood, metal, or the walls of your home I can create art intertwined with the materials. In mural painting I have the freedom to create a photorealistic illusion of an Italian villa on the wall of a bedroom, or a mystical jungle of unicorns and elves. My imagination is as endless as yours. With that, and my talent in drawing assorted subject matter, I am able to bring my clients imagination to life as well. My medium varies from oil paints, to acrylics and watercolor, and is not limited to two dimensional textures.

I enjoy painting with a high attention to detail, recreating textures that many think can only be achieved with photography. The ability to apply paint to a surface and create an illusion of reality intrigues me, although I am no stranger to heavy applications of paint and color. Sometimes a painting does not need to be fully explained, instead you determine the meaning behind the paint.

Art is an experience and a journey. To me, no matter how fast or slow it is created, a painting has a story, and it is just dying for you to know what that story is.

Walker Studios began with two sisters and their passion for art. Amy graduated from Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Kay graduated from QuinnipiacUniversity in Hamden, CT with a Bachelors in English, but after realizing behind the lens is where she wanted to be, Kay began to pursue her love for photography. In January 2012, Amy and Kay put their heads together to start up Walker Studios LLC,diving into the art world looking to spread paint and photography as far as they can reach. Amy did some photography training to enhance her skills and now the two sisters work side by side photographing portraits, events, engagements, and their ultimate favorite -weddings! When they don't have a camera in their hands it's a paintbrush instead- creating murals and art for residential or commercial properties. They are blessed to have had their business grow so much in the first few years and it's all thanks to you! Networking and friendly word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool that has ever existed. Follow them through social media to keep up to date on what they are doing next and don't forget to check out their galleries to see their portfolios of work.

Visit www.kaywalker.net to see their photography!