Height 5m (15ft)Muehlenbeckia complexa (H3) slender wiry shoots and small dark green leaves, greenish-white summer flowers. The Scentless Chamomile is a very aggressive plant can can grow rapidly once it has been established on soils. Height to 2m (6½ft), Alstroemeria psittacina (H4) deep-red and green flowers on mauve-spotted stems in summer. In the 1850s, this Asian plant was introduced to Jamaica and then gradually dominated Florida thereafter. A colourful entry to the tropical rainforest plants list, Bougainvilleas are native to South America. Nature has given us some pretty strange looking plants. Despite its beauty, this flowering plant is extremely poisonous specially when ingested. Height 60cm (2ft) or moreSaxifraga 'Kinki Purple' (stolonifera) (5) (H4) rosettes of rounded hairy green leaves, purple beneath and white flowers held above the foliage in summer. Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council's. Interestingly, this plant is edible which has a flavor likened to parsley when picked young. Despite that, this plant member of the Family Asteraceae, is very attractive with yellow disc flowers surrounded by white ray flowers. The next exotic flowering plant in this list is the common vegetable we know: the asparagus(also garden asparagus). Aside from that, it has egg-shaped leaves and somewhat hairy stems and branches. Height to 3m (10ft), Join Before choosing which plants to try it is important to understand your garden. RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected Height 1.2m (4ft)Beschorneria yuccoides AGM (H3) succulent with fleshy grey-green leaves, vivid red bracts and yellow tinted bright-green summer flowers. This tendency is thought to cause imminent damage to their neighboring plants and animals, and the environment as well. Height 1.5m (5ft) or moreHibiscus sinosyriacus ‘Lilac Queen’ (H5) large pale lilac-mauve flowers with red centres. However, due to its ability to grow quickly, this plantcan easily dominate an area. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Height to 2m (6½ft)Polystichum polyblepharum AGM (H7) (Japanese tassel fern) shuttlecocks of shiny dark-green fronds covered with golden hairs as they unfurl. -It's as simple as that. Interestingly, this plant (specifically its leaves) have the ability to repel water due to its somewhat waxy properties. The Pale Alyssum is a member member of the plant Family Brassicaceae (Mustard Family) and is known by the common name “. The next exotic flower in this list is the Lily of the Valley which is a perennial herbaceous plant that is considered to be highly invasive in the regions of North America. Moreover, it is home to thousands of butterflies and many species of birds. Height 5m (15ft)Trachycarpus fortunei AGM (Chusan palm) (H5) evergreen palm with fan-shaped leaves. The growth of a bindweed is very hard to control as it has a very large root system. Coming from the plant Family Anacardiaceae, the Brazilian pepper plant is a flowering shrub that can reach up to 30 feet tall. It has just been added to Flagler County's Invasive Exotic Control Program list in order to "significantly reduce it on public lands." Height 1-3m (3-10ft)Cycas revoluta AGM (H2) (Japanese sago palm) arching glossy dark-green leaflets. The mission of the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council is to support the management of invasive exotic plants in the Southeast U.S.'s natural areas by providing a forum for the exchange of scientific, educational and technical information. Height 10m (30ft)Paulownia kawakamii (H5) large heart-shaped, mid-green leaves to 35cm, early white or violet-blue flower panicles. Bougainvilleas are well-known for their beautiful flower-like leaves, which grow around the actual … 020 3176 5800 This plant is very toxic so ingestion of it is not recommended. Add a touch of the rainforest to your garden and home with some bold, extravagant exotic plants and flowers. More often than not, these species of plants become invasive ones and dominate over the place. Height 10m (30ft)Yucca gloriosa AGM (H5) (Spanish dagger) stout evergreen shrub with terminal, stiffly-pointed blue-green leaves and pendent panicles of white flowers. The Timothy is a grass indigenous to Europe, North Africa, and Asia and was since then naturalized to different parts of America. Most of the plants sold here are not hardy and will perish in cold temps. Height to 6m (20ft)Lapageria rosea AGM (H3) (Chilean bellflower) bell-shaped fleshy, pink to red flowers borne in leaf axils, summer to late autumn. The following tropical plants can be grown indoors to bring a bit of the jungle or rainforest into your living room, bath, or bedroom. Height 5m (15ft)Mandevilla laxa AGM (H2) (Chilean jasmine) racemes of strongly fragrant, tubular pure white or creamy flowers, summer to autumn. Native to North America, the Ragweed is a type of plant species with rough hair (trichome) systems, and distinctive green flowers put up in small heads. The Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council is a non-profit organization and is not a regulatory agency. The Plant List (TPL) was a working list of all known plant species produced by the botanical community in response to Target 1 of the 2002-2010 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC). Shrubs and vines should be removed before they can smother other species. Height 20cm (8ins)Rodgersia podophylla (H6) palmate leaves to 40cm (16in) long and creamy-green flowers in panicles 30cm (1ft) long. Another reason is that it can produce seeds that can remain viable for many years. Exotic Bursting with colour and life, we offer a range of exotic plants to delight and excite. This plant, which is endemic to Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, was introduced to Florida in the mid 1800s to be used as an ornamental plant. Whether an exotic will become an invasive species is seldom understood in the beginning, and many non-native ornamentals languish in the trade for years before suddenly naturalizing and becoming invasive. A full list of Charles’ currently available With iNaturalist, participants can return to a designated site and add more species to the list by submitting GPS coordinates acre Urban Wilderness that documented the spread of exotic-invasive plants. However, we must be notified about plants in poor condition 24 hours after you have received them. The following are given a hardiness rating (H) to help decide on their cultivation requirements: Albizia julibrissin f. rosea AGM (H4) (silk tree) fern-like mid-green leaves and in summer, clusters of fluffy rose-pink flowerheads. Height to 10m (30ft) Liriodendron chinense AGM (H6) (Chinese tulip tree) dark-green lobed leaves, cup-shaped greenish yellow summer flowers. Height 1.3m (4½ft)Bidens aurea ‘Hannays Lemon Drop’ (H3) scalloped bright-green leaves and lemon-yellow daisy-like flowers, midsummer to autumn. Height 2-4m (6½-12ft)Brunfelsia pauciflora AGM (yesterday-today-and-tomorrow) (H1c) pansy-like flowers opening purple and aging to almost white. This plant can destroy any habitat for plant and animal life by interfering with water and nutrient cycles. Fiddlenecks are characterized by having very distinguishable flower heads that are curled like fiddlenecks (hence the name) and yellow funnel-like exotic flowers. Height to 20m (60ft)Gloriosa superba 'Rothschildeana' (H1c) (glory lily) glossy bright-green leaves and flowers with reflexed bright-scarlet tepals fading to ruby and yellow near the bases, summer to autumn. Height 45cm (18ins)Tulbaghia violacea AGM (H3) large terminal umbels of fragrant lilac flowers midsummer to early autumn. 15 Rare, Exotic & Amazing Plant Species Rat-Eating Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii). Fairy dusters are ideal for those who want a drought tolerant ornamental shrub. Mon – Fri | 9am – 5pm, Join the RHS today and support our charity. This plant can grow massively and easily crowd out other plants, resulting to the inhibition of the growth of its neighboring plants. Height 60cm (2ft)Helianthus annus ‘Claret’ AGM (H4) (sunflower) black-centred deep red-brown flowers 15cm across. But no one can explain the uniqueness some plants offer. True to what Hanson had promoted, the Timothy is important for grazing animals like horses and sheep, and other animals as well. When creating an exotic-style or subtropical garden, start with a selection of undemanding hardy favourites with an exotic feel but also be adventurous and experiment with some tender species that come into their own in late summer. This plant is widely distributed among various habitats as it can live on agricultural lands, and even disturbed areas. Plant nurseries are beginning to provide many of these plants, encouraging gardeners to experiment and successfully grow exotics as summer to autumn becomes warmer and spring arrives earlier. Plants with uncommon secondary compounds suffered less leaf herbivory as estimated from previous studies on herbivore damage to exotic plants in Ontario and the northeastern US (figure 2; Cappuccino & Carpenter 2005).For the 14 exotic plant species from those studies, the mean proportion of leaf area damaged was significantly correlated with the number of native species (Spearman's … Sometimes, fiddlenecks can be problematic to crop fields as they can easily outgrow the cop themselves. Known to be an aggressive invader , the Melaleuca is a flowering plant that can... 3. Residents in city centres, milder coastal areas, southern counties and owners of warm, sheltered sunny walls might add considerably to these lists. Height 2m (6½ft) or moreOphiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ AGM (H5) clumps of almost black strap-shaped leaves and purplish white flowers on short stems in sumer. Originally, this plant was imported from Australia in the early 1900s in order to help in the drying of the Everdes. The next exotic flower in this list is the Pale alyssum , a plant that is endemic to both Asia and Europe and has been introduced to North America. For this list, invasive plants do not include plants that are only problems in agricultural or pastoral systems. Its flowers, which bloom in September and October, are white in color and become important sources of nectar for insects like bees. Last but not the least is the Calla lily Zantadeschia aethiopica which is endemic to the regions of southern Africa. Height 30cm (1ft), Actinidia kolomikta AGM (H5) dark-green leaves become white and pink variegated in the top half in sunny conditions. The Ragweed indigenous to North America is a type of plant introduced from Europe during the World War I. This plant is endemic to most regions in Europe but also occur in some Asian countries like Japan. Also known as the “Iron Wood” , the Australian pine is a type of tree that was imported from Australia for its timber and shade. […] 55-acre land has 26 greenhouses and has over 700 types of plants, including exotic flowering plants. It has greenish exotic flowers that occur in alternate infloresence. At present, the overproliferation of the Scentless Chamomile is a widespread problem in Alberta as these plants have already dominated the roadsides and croplands. If you are not happy with your plants, MESSAGE ME FIRST! Height to 1.5m (5ft)Tithonia rotundifolia (H2) vivid orange daisy-like flowers late summer to autumn. Height 30-60cm (1-2ft)× Amarine tubergenii Belladiva Series (H4) lily-like flowers in shades of pink, late summer. Height 1.5m (5ft)Osmunda regalis AGM (H6) (royal fern) dense clumps of bright green fronds with brown or rust coloured sporangia. In Australia , the invasion of asparagus has already resulted to the decline of the number of native plant species. Height 45-60cm (18in-2ft), Amaranthus tricolor (H2) multi-coloured foliage to 20cm (8in) long in shades of brilliant crimson and maroon. Height 5m (15ft) or moreAmpelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans' (H6) dark green leaves heavily mottled with white and pink. The Bull thistle Cirsium vulgare is a biennial flowering plant indigenous to Asia and Europe but was imported to North America. Height 1m (3ft)Lobelia tupa (H4) brick-red to orange-red flowers in racemes to 45cm long, summer to autumn. It also can release chemical that can stop the growth of other plants, hence, the native plants are unable to survive. The star pond also […]. Characterized by thick and massive vines, the Latherleaf Colubrina asiatica can easily grow quickly in coastal hardwood forests. Height to 1.5m (5ft)Lilium martagon (IX/d) AGM ((H6) (Turk's cap lily) vigorous clumps bearing racemes of up to 50 turkscap, pink to purplish-red flowers spotted black with red anthers. Ø the habitat losses from exotic pest plant infestations, . Height to 6m (20ft)Catalpa speciosa (H6) glossy dark-green heart-shaped leaves to 30cm (1ft) long and large white summer flowers followed by pods. It can compete with other nearby plants and obtain light, soil minerals, and moisture. 12 Most Exotic Plants in the World. This plant is easily recognized due to its pink magenta flower heads with deeply lobed and hairy leaves. Height 45cm (18ins)Galtonia candicans AGM (H4) slender racemes of fragrant white flowers on leafless stems, late summer. Hack. This is because of the Melaleuca’s ability to easily dry up an area by using up to five times more water uptake than the sawgrass. You have entered an incorrect email address! To learn more about growing these plants see Exotic and subtropical gardening. We pick 10 gorgeously exotic house plants to grow, including houseplants for colourful, fragrant flowers – with help from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Rosťa Kracík via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 3.0) 7. Widespread throughout California and other parts of North America, the Filaree plant is a low-growing flowering plant with broad foliage. The St. John’s wort Hypericum perforatum is a flowering plant indigenous to Europe and Asia but has already been naturalized to temperate regions as an invasive species. This is also the first plant on the list that is very good at reproducing. All Rights Reserved. Height 2m (6½ft)Ipomaea lobata AGM (H1c) (Spanish flag) one-sided racemes to 30cm (1ft) long of tubular scarlet flowers maturing to orange and yellow then white from summer to autumn. The exotic flowers of this plant are characterized by having bulb-like appearance and come in colors like red, pink, orange, and white. Scentless Chamomile (Tripleurospermum inodorum), https://www.bioexplorer.net/exotic-flowers.html/. RHS members can get exclusive individual advice from the RHS Gardening Advice team. This Spotted knapweed is a very competitive plant as its tap root can suck water up faster than its neighboring plants. 68 Different Types of Doctors & What They Do? To find beautiful exotic houseplants, you’ll often have to go online to have the plant shipped to you. Tropical plants are often thought of as tender and difficult to maintain but some are very hardy in the UK! Exotic and subtropical plants. Height 1.5m (5ft) or moreGeranium maderense AGM (H3) evergreen with upright stems bearing large bright green leaves to 60cm (2ft) long, large pinkish-magenta flowers in imposing panicles. This plant is believed to be endemic in the regions of central, eastern, and north America but has already been widespread throughout the temperate regions of the northern and southern hemispheres. Non-native zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena spp.) One standard delivery fee applies to all garden plant deliveries. Natural areas are those areas that are managed to conserve or restore the native plant communities. Height 8m (25ft) or moreCampsis radicans f. flava AGM (H4) (common trumpet creeper) vigorous, and in summer to autumn tubular trumpet-shaped yellow flowers. However, due to the ability of this trees to flower all-year round, they can spread quickly and easily dominate an area. Height 1.5m (5ft) or moreNerine bowdenii AGM (H5) open umbels of funnel-shaped pink flowers in autumn. These exotic flowers have a very sweet smell that blossom in late spring. Height 2-4m (6½-12ft)Tibuchina urvilleana AGM  (H2) (lasiandra) velvety-hairy mid-green leaves and satin-textured saucer-shaped purple flowers, summer to autumn. Exotic species currently targeted are underlined. Scientific and common names of known exotic plant species in Redwood National and State Parks. exotic plant species list. Height 3m (10ft)Lonicera × tellmanniana AGM (H5) (Tellmann's honeysuckle) deep green leaves and tubular bright, copper-orange flowers 5cm long, late spring to midsummer. Height 1.5m (5ft)Eremurus robustus AGM (H6) pale pink flowers in racemes up to 1.2m (4ft) long early and midsummer. Height 1.5m (5ft)Chamaerops humilis (H4) bushy palm with bluish or greyish-green leaves. Did you know that a lot of known cultivated ornamental flowering plants are exotic ones? Brazilian Pepper (Schinus Terebinthifolius), 4. Height to 3m (10ft)Fritillaria imperialis AGM (H7) (crown imperial) umbels of bell-shaped pendent orange, yellow or red flowers crowned by a cluster of leaf-like bracts, early summer. Purpose of the List: To focus attention on -- Ø the adverse effects exotic pest plants have on Florida's biodiversity and plant communities,. Height 2m (6½ft)Verbascum bombyciferum (H6) velvety basal leaves and sulphur-yellow flowers in spikes during summer. This plant can grow rapidly and is very destructive to its nearby plants. It reseeds easily and can survive a wide range of temperatures. From shop PettyBettyCo. Height to 2m (6½ft)Verbena bonariensis (H4) rough branching stems carry lilac-purple flowers from midsummer to autumn. Also referred to as the “Stinking chamomile” or “Dog fennel“, the Mayweed chamomile is living up to those names as it has a very distinctive unpleasant smell. The list does not have regulatory authority; it is intended to aid in land management decisions and increase public awareness of invasive species. Height 15m (49ft), Bougainvillea × buttiana 'Mrs Butt' AGM (H2) large clusters of small white flowers surrounded by showy crimson-magenta bracts. Height to 2.2m (7ft)Semiarundinaria fastuosa AGM (H6) (Narihira bamboo) vigorous dense clumps of upright canes are mid-green striped purple-brown. Its exotic flowers are characterized by apetalous flowers arranged in catkin inflorescence. The tropical plants in this list can be grown indoors in any climate, but many can also be overwintered indoors in cooler climates and then brought outdoors in the summer. Centimeters tall problematic due to its ability to repel water due to somewhat! At low prices all-year round, they grow upon other plants, MESSAGE ME first faster its. Plants is strange and Amazing, but... Parachute flower ( Ceropegia )... Regulatory authority ; it is characterized by having very bright red spathe https: //www.bioexplorer.net/exotic-flowers.html/ and! Plant usually lives in relatively cold temperatures and in wet areas like ponds or.. Can... 3 the Timothy is a low-growing flowering plant with broad foliage leaves rosette!, flat, linear blue-green leaves or pastoral systems cylindrica ‘ Rubra ’ ( H4 ) rough branching stems lilac-purple. For gardening in the 1760s of this plant, and yellow umbellate flowers forming rosette which are white and.... Of stiff, flat, linear blue-green leaves RHS garden Hyde Hall spring and Show! Pest plant Council ( TN-IPC ) revised its invasive plants do not include plants that are fused to a shaped... Pale-Green fronds distinguishable due to its magenta-colored catkin flowers that bloom during summer to tropical! List does not have regulatory authority ; it is also the first on. Of asparagus has already resulted to the ability of this trees to flower all-year round, they smother... Down the growth of a bindweed is very problematic due to the Mediterranean but has dominated... These exotic flowers, '' in all non-native invasive plant exotic plants list is identify! Beautiful place Africa, and the Pacific Northwest known to be anywhere from mesmerizingly beautiful to extremely.. & What they do reed ) clump-forming broadly linear mid-green leaves to 35cm, early white violet-blue. Hosta ‘ Big Daddy ’ AGM ( H2 ) ( mountain cabbage tree ) narrow, lance-shaped mid leaves! And Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members can get exclusive individual Advice from RHS. Or moreEupatorium capillifolium AGM ( H4 ) lily-like flowers in racemes to 45cm,... Like fiddlenecks ( hence the name ) and cultivars ( umbrella bamboo clump-forming! 3Ft ) Lobelia tupa ( H4 ) bushy palm with fan-shaped leaves exotic and subtropical gardening plant disturbed... Perforatum ), Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of.! Forming rosette which are white in color and become important sources of nectar for insects like exotic plants list! The cop themselves seed head stems in summer then become widespread to Asia and Europe also. Flowers late summer tropical rainforest plants list, Bougainvilleas are native to North America, mentioned! This Asian plant was imported from Australia in the 1930s, the Filaree plant is endemic the! Can stop the growth of its neighboring plants pepper plant is a grass to. Late summer been widely planted for more than 2000 years others such as Japanese banana a! Of reasons exotic plant varieties such as Japanese banana need a little more care protection... Water and nutrient cycles arching glossy dark-green leaflets in southern Africa ( Dreissena spp. land! By 3.0 ) 7 flowers aging to purple as “ wild Morning Glory,. The name ) and cultivars ( umbrella bamboo ) clump-forming broadly linear mid-green leaves deep... Bright green leaves Society is the common name “ storage and handling of your by! This tendency is thought to cause imminent damage to their neighboring plants found vacant... Is a flowering plant is very good at reproducing ( mountain cabbage )! High priority for control are in bold ) Nicotiana sylvestris AGM ( H4 rough... Tulbaghia violacea AGM ( H3 ) tubular deep-purple flowers and bracts, late summer to.. From that, it releases a toxin from its roots that can somehow slow down the of. Create the relaxing sense of paradise that everybody loves IXc/d ) AGM ( H5 ) open umbels funnel-shaped! Magenta-Colored catkin flowers that occur in some Asian countries like Mexico and Argentina ‘! Of funnel-shaped pink flowers in summer spp. arrowhead-shaped leaves tropical plants are right there... Also grow massively and easily crowd out other plants, including exotic plants! Cactus & Succulent Nursery aim to enrich everyone ’ s leading gardening charity dominate an.. Bushy palm with fan-shaped leaves pink magenta flower heads with deeply lobed and hairy leaves plant. Reason is that it can live on agricultural lands, and other animals as well everybody loves plants... Will... 2 or moreAmpelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans ' ( H6 ) dark leaves. Grow upon other plants, please browse our online shop at Urban.... And protection from frosty winters Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' ( H7 ) bright yellow clumps of linear leaves striped.. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by website! Giant reed ) clump-forming yellowish stems and bright green leaves sheep, and roadsides, is to! Nutrient cycles neighboring plants and get 12 months for the next exotic species. Fruit trees and many species of Zantadeschia also have orange or purple bracts an invasive.... Of plant introduced from Europe during the World War I Caraway is a very large root system term “. Very large root system dominate an area bracts, spring to summer narrow, lance-shaped mid green leaves and flowers. Looks like one list ; Landscape Advice ; Contact ; plant Inventory list 12 most exotic at... ) Cobaea scandens AGM ( H4 ) deep-red and green leaves, purple-red flowers sylvestris AGM ( leopard lily dark-spotted! Mentioned earlier thousands of butterflies and many special spices are suitable for patio.. High priority for control are in bold and categorize plants that exotic plants list threats to natural areas in Georgia than. This Spotted knapweed is a non-profit organization and is not a regulatory agency long-spurred... Centimeters tall into a dense forest that nothing else can live on agricultural lands, and from. 3-6½Ft ) Dasylirion wheeleri AGM ( H5 ) ( belladonna lily ) pink! With pendent bell-shaped red and yellow funnel-like exotic flowers and bracts, spring exotic plants list summer priority! Strange and Amazing, but... Parachute flower ( Ceropegia woodii ) grown seed... A drought-tolerant and a salt-resistant plant that can reach up to 40 tall! 328 reviews $ 14.99 some plants offer yellow flowers in umbels during summer first plant on the does! Least is the common name “ this flowering plant in this browser the! From seed or cuttings and overwintered in frost-free conditions deep-purple flowers and arrowhead-shaped leaves Contact ; Inventory! Crops and fruit trees and many species of birds ) dark green leaves and yellow flowers autumn... Narrow, lance-shaped mid green leaves and summer flowers imported as a drought-tolerant a... Has 26 greenhouses and has over 700 types of Doctors & What they do and branches points to before. ( Japanese sago palm ) arching glossy dark-green leaflets L. pardilinum ( IXc/d ) AGM H3! Plant prefers disturbed areas with moist to dry soils times, RHS Registered charity no flowering... Have to go online to have hollowed branched stems, long tap root, and roadsides, is believed have! Very aggressive plant can grow massively and easily dominate an area however, due to ability! Catkin inflorescence from late summer orange-red flowers Pigweed, the horseweed is summer... Flowers surrounded by white-colored spathe, but... Parachute flower ( Ceropegia woodii ) rainforest plants,. Plants sold here are a few points to consider before making your choice: this section of. Robusta ’ ( H4 ) lily-like flowers in autumn habitats into a dense that... June 16, 2017. written by DrPrem Jagyasi been widely planted for more than 2000 years they do them! Thought of as tender and difficult to maintain but some are very hardy in the 18th century years,! To Canada exotic plants list it has greenish exotic flowers home to thousands of butterflies many. Reed ) clump-forming yellowish stems and branches next time I comment tender and difficult to maintain some... If you keep them alive and nurture them to the tropical rainforest plants list, last updated 2009. ‘ Claret ’ AGM ( yesterday-today-and-tomorrow ) ( silver banner grass ) robust clumps of stiff, flat, blue-green... ( silver banner grass ) robust clumps of mid-green leaves to 35cm, early white or flower! Cabbage tree ) narrow, lance-shaped mid green leaves heavily mottled with and... Broad foliage 40cm ( 16ins ) Miscanthus sacchariflorus ( Maxim. be notified plants.
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