/���г9P1R�Y�g8��]U�]�!ua����Wu�M~@a��R�7_���У:��@ĘO�e#��N�i�O�����������b^? Sizing Guide Official Merchandise Dragon Boat Swimming Outrigging Team Elite Merchandise operates this online store and supplies custom teamwear, bags, medals, towels and swim caps. Show off your passion for your favorite football team with one of our cool custom designed shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories. $60.00, Men's Fashion Street-Wear Pullover Hoodie, Sale price �Y${35�F��I�Vp��ʖq���RЖ���,�p��p Submit. $60.00, Sale price FORM FIT TEAM COORDINATES (L662N, L663N, L1037 & L1038) SIZE CHARTS in centimeters 1 1 2 3 5 5 4 4 HOW TO MEASURE The goal of measuring is to determine the correct size to order for each athlete. Team Elite Gear. The shrinkage allowance has been built into the size. Elite Sports offers the best service and quality for your team wear needs. Regular price $72.99, Men Slim Fit Male Sweatshirt Pullover Hoodie, Regular price Fit: Jersey sizing can vary by manufacturer. Team Elite have experience operating in the sports merchandise business since 1991 and have been involved with event merchandise and merchandise supply at all levels - from small club and school supply, through to the merchandise operations of several World Championships, major Rugby Tours, the Commonwealth Games and many National Championships (see our Event Merchandise for more … $14.99 The Team Elite Stripe Full-Zip Hoodie zips all the way to your chin to keep out the cold, and it has mesh fleece panels under the arms in case you start to get too warm. Regular price $45.00 Team Elite NZ online store is home of the NZDBA range of Official Merchandise Eat Sleep Products Born to products, names swim caps and other products supplied by the Team Elite Group, check it out Contact Us 68 Russell St Suite 104 Westport 7825 NZ info@teamelite.co.nz Newsletter From $26.99, Knitted Winter Women Pattern Design Scarf, Sale price This would include manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. �aI75�F��bN�������Wwv9_9��]�nL���(� From $45.00, Regular price Welcome to Team Elite - the online store of Team Elite Merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. You will find both the online stores of our partners and various ranges of official merchandise on our store - normally we launch them for a Championship or Event approximately 4/6 weeks ahead of the event. $35.00, Sale price (j`���t�IdO�kq����˂B9v�0^=`lYN��S��WA݈���Э����B��\���8j@��.r��b�D���ٷ��N� �w: ۮt�Ȣ+�5�=N���Ka�'"݈ ��QX ��J�fS�~���fB�=�k����w��j ��EaDn��qj4i;N��Z!� &�� ���^ftɸk���.u� p�u1U�U`��p�f�tS�n#�]�]�uk���tx]��{tj+V�5�T'\�u�>p��P�H��A7�~��N�a�|{ Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android IOS Phones, Sale price �G�eX�n$�$ö���� 뷙mUx)l����b��5�^�"rU ���aC���*M��L�t�6\t؍ �� �7�mU��Q�����\l�Sa��K�}�z�a���im����1*�E;����%h+c�N�%����3j.e_��[YIu�vyY��XƐq.cm�mY��(PbtˊQEX/c�d��lf4��X�ǥr/#�T$�&F�̌�6�[&FM[1�je,S|��eØ�1����?`tF�jF�̌�93��Y���2n�9O�#Ig�4��TF�E,3���q�rhbd 6��-�d�2�" �|�if˦ĥ:���e��, ���1_+)(����f�ڜU $75.00, We strive to make our customers feel good when they were our attire by providing them with fitted comfortable clothing that is designed to fit their personality, style and swagger. Just added to your cart. Find the right size and fit with our easy-to-read Nike men's tops size chart. $60.00 Custom team wear, Corporate Clothing, medals, swim caps, trophies, towels and promotional items. We specialize in categories such as apparel, footwear, general merchandise, electronics, cosmetics, health and … $24.50 Team Elite In-house Graphic Artist; Corporate Style Application; Design Your Own; Images on left are some of the garments we have produced, click on Product Range Gallery Button to see more of the 100% Cotton Custom T's we supply Nike's Elite … Our team coordinates are made of a special cotton/poly blend and will shrink when washed and dried. To ensure the perfect fit, our sizing samples are pre-shrunk, so you know how your warm-ups will fit after the first washing. So make yourself stand out by getting yourself or a loved one some Team Elites gear so you can look good and feel Elite! '��ܨ��g������H(��NC���?������g2,��ү�F&��S8����< ��zZ�%S�t�����!v���h�q=������Ⴞ�yruP�˩��nk )��yD;��0�`g���Aݬ�+:����}���u�O�e�ȡ�/b3�C�/u���aS��cL Elite Merchandisers Group buys excess inventory from various sources. We supply high quality customised sports team wear, medals, swim caps, towels and promotional items. Regular price We have you covered in all sports and all uniform requirements! Not every rider who’s 5´8˝, for example, will fit on the same size bike. Team Elites is the ideal discount clothing store offering a variety of quality clothing up to 20% off original price including men's, women's & kids clothing. Regular price Opens external website. >7�|�b����5>i�#�f���D��!�島Ռ���>����F l�Z�����U7?��26i�"�&���H�������0�կ571�{��k�S�.��\���Z�Ls>{w �g��1L>�[�0&XƆ�ԏػ�1�>���G4��oN/��Ϛ�߾>���#ĩ_ɿ=[��碎 ��tS��F�)��$�AU�X�9Я�O���Ѵ+�#��\=/�ߥn�xC���Q��gT���IRV����*-�k��JEv-�Җ��hy�]Wi˷�?����y�!�b7$}3Ng��=����QES-�`e�w=���aW+k�"��������TeP H�=�Ϥ�)|��D*F�#Ubx^�;l@�ӟi��t9O=�9��q���.���""*��8��OgT�#� N��Y���S��5��=�i���QBզC�Z��,>W�_��?�x���&m'�gn�kG�ʑ ��_�ȧ�k�C]�9�_�c��˯Z�x�ΘG��WǮ���l�W�g-|�m�_[�_�t����^��1VA.c�"�� cp*r�Tb���t;�n#�E�m�~��v� T�m��C����J�$mC�"��꫐��͖��HpI�m=C�"��]�5��H�fS�D�Pw1ua6D�0�����H�I�m}�S�k"l�E^LY� ፂ�6�y(]�u�F�K"l�����y�R�IR�KaD�eX�0�nY�� About Team Elite's. Regular price Team Elite Staff Cancel/Refund Policy This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Team Elite Baseball privacy policy. $31.00 Size Charts Our apparel is true to size. Regular price Regular price $40.00, Sale price .Am�Y55\��Q�����p;Z���Y,�Ԡ �Ϳ�w;�n������z��1��s����U�"Iπ ���N�3o#��]�0wWQ��Z$�0��w����1�%�M ����e��n���7��Y,�Ԡ �:m�w�+��ËPbE�oyu��Bh�HR��Р�.���f�ݩ[�`�/y�h~�nm�[�QL#Fak�a�7�@XO3�����$���or���k8u�A�4M_1�������V�N�l�e�C����Lki�A�L�g�`�X�P��0�=�[*N����=M� 3��8 ��w�Ii���N��9#8�|�Ck�S�a�p݌�/����u>x����RN��-3��g�'��:K�)�q����3`̉S�Cޒs��ʉyЂ�ig��~����1�qb�p��4q ��y��8k{�d@���]��-/&�e��yGΘV� l�ur3@�-+�h�����8X:1�`]�@���1&�2�س�p���BIX�F)�m�ii��@�3bʨװ�i�����I �a����J�rFۊ���N#�98-o�O†�|O��'[��]Oi�sħ�]����w|�Li�Z���ع`t�L���D��%�i�S��XΈ������1�q�n�8e#a�{����㜸)"���Է��U�N���e���i����Q��l��S���,�n[q�>��Y����~����t���飪�MbG� �Yn�}�cĩ�����}�?p���6��������=�r:8��L�Ͷ? Y�Р�m�=5v����t�����c�߿?~%+Q6_E��L���̔V&��M����Z��S�?�y�����M�x���&q>X��`�鶆Q9CZ+g��v�?c� X���g�m8%�rhV��ݜ�1�׼c>�����i�H}�x��b�4�9��0���'8��鲔Y�s:f�!o��yh�yB�SCˉ�Y0�����i��sN��u�|i�t.���)�r��b����y.4�e\��f~���i���,�xҨ���'a)y75����b�b��@s��L�ְOO��v��I����V>ʙ�I��*��� E_�G�Ӕ^B45�q�� c��0gTKC��R:#�rXW��N���=�u%g� Team Missabittatitti Size Chart Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 Front Length (A) 62 64 66 68 70 72 73 74.5 76 77.5 Chest Width measurement (B) 43.5 46 48.5 51 53.5 56 58.5 61 63.5 66 Team Elite Ladies Sublimated Shirt Sizing (Measurements in Centimetres) Size 8 … 9�t�v��ze�a��v�n�.�e���&*p�O��m�1`�"�f�Fp�����Ɲۡ�=/[�FUs)dk��C�H�1H�]!4Y�Р - 6B;����H�15�F����Vpw�Ѻ��U-n�޵���'3T-�aI75�F���|#��N�zr���j�a̭-ި�� ��f� Search Cart. $35.00, Sale price
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